Gift Card for Personalized Sweater

Modello da regalare:

Surprise your loved ones with a gift card for one of our personalized sweater, the beneficiary will be able to create the sweater by choosing the color he prefers, and it will be made in about 15 days.  

This gift card is personalized, and is created manually by our team, a few hours after the purchase you will receive an email with the pdf of the gift card to be printed, bearing the name of the beneficiary (WE ASK YOU TO INSERT THE NAME OF THE BENEFICIARY IN THE NOTES IN THE CART BEFORE CHECKOUT UNDER THE GIFT BOX "ADD A NOTE TO ORDER")

This gift card will not show the amount spent, but the model you have chosen to give and the code to place the order. 

The beneficiary will be free to choose whether to use the gift card to order the gift product or exchange it for another available product, deducting the gift card amount.

This gift card is valid for one year from the time of purchase. 

For more information or doubts contact us on +390240700803

All our sizes are expressed in Italian sizes, we advise you to choose the same size as the sweaters you usually wear. 

If you have already purchased from us, we inform you that the fit is always the same for each model.

If you have some doubt, do not hesitate to contact us, indicating your height, weight and the size you usually wear, we will try to recommend you the most suitable size. 

If the size you are interested in is not available, contact us, we will make it especially for you.

Delivery times vary depending on the model from about 2 to 4 weeks, more details will be given in response to each individual request.

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