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From us to you, skipping all the intermediaries that raise the price, so as to offer a high quality handcrafted product 100% Made in Italy at the right price.

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knitwear made in Italy by expert craftsmen

as it was in the past

Create your own sweater in pure cashmere

Only the best natural yarns

The Cashmere

Only 150 grams of fiber are obtained from each goat and about 4 goats are needed to make a medium-weight sweater, which is why quality cashmere is so precious.
Our pure cashmere knitwear is made with yarns from the most exclusive spinning mills: Loro Piana, Cariaggi, Biagioli and Todd & Duncan.

only the best natural yarns

The Cashmere & Silk

Our cashmere and silk sweaters are made with Cariaggi yarns from the Jaipur collection.
An exclusive yarn, light and soft, perfect to wear directly on the skin, ideal not only in mid-season days, in summer evenings, and early autumn, but also under a sport jacket in winter.

Only the best natural yarns

The Ultralight Wool

Our wool sweaters are made with the exclusive Wish yarn by Loro Piana, an exceptionally fine wool from selected Merino sheep reared in Australia and New Zealand. Perfect for light weight, to be worn all year round

only the best natural yarns

The Silk

For our pure silk sweaters we use Mulberry silk from the Opacum yarn by Servizi e Seta, it is the finest silk, thanks to its very fine filaments, it is grown in specific areas of China, and is distinguished by its characteristics of extreme softness and brilliance. 

only the best natural yarns

The Linen & silk

The freshness of linen and the elegance of silk are combined in this yarn from the Canton collection by Servizi & Seta to create sweaters with a refined casual taste, to be used in spring and summer. 

Only the best natural yarns

The Cotton

Our sweaters are made with the finest and most precious pure Egyptian cotton yarns, coming from the most renowned Italian spinning mills.
1 kg of yarn is 100,000 meters long on average, and about 20 km of yarn is needed to make a light weight knit. 


All our sweaters are made of natural fibers and we work only with spinning mills that, like us, are committed to responsible behavior ...

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