The Manufacturing

Even today, as in the past, following an ancient tradition, we carry out many passages by hand, for the realization of our knits, with a manual skill and a technique that is handed down by master knitters for generations, and that make the difference in quality.

This is how a Bottegiani sweater is crafted


The Drawing

Everything starts from a hand drawing, which, through a complicated work, turns into points and technical data to start the weaving​

The Weaving

In this phase, the yarn is transformed into fully-fashioned knit clothes (front, back, and sleeves) already shaped. In the same time the finishes are also weaved, ie the bottoms, the collars and the cuffs.

The Linking stitching

The assembly of the different parts takes place through the "machine linking by hand". With this highly precise operation, the knitters insert each point of the two component parts onto the machine's needles by hand. These are then sewn together with one thread, thus creating the precious "cucitura a catinella".

The washing

We use different types of washing, depending on the type of yarn and fineness, so as to give to the knit the desired appearance. To give to the knit a soft appareance and a unique smoothness, the fulling is added to carded yarns.

The Quality control

The sweater is placed on a luminous mannequin to detect weaving or sewing defects.

The Hand sewing of labels

After the quality control has been passed, each label is sewn by hand.

The Ironing

The last step is ironing, which consists of an accurate and delicate steaming, and an adjustement by traditional iron.
Garments that last over time

Our Diligence

We imagine that our product will accompany you in the moments you value the most: your leisure time time and travel. For this reason we work with passion and we create our knitwear in the best possible way, paying the utmost care and attention to each single detail, in order to create a quality product that lasts over time.