Lookig for the perfect combination

Many of us, in these days, have had to, or will be about to make the change of season of their wardrobe. The main aspects that change between winter and spring are the weights, of course, but also the colors, moving from a wardrobe in shades of gray and blue to one rich in color.

We are therefore faced with a much wider choice of color combinations, compared to the winter one. How many of us happened to buy a shirt, a shirt, a summer trousers of a particular color and then use it little, why can't we match it? In this article we will try to give some guidelines for playing and combining colors while maintaining harmony and balance.

Breaking up the colors:

Unless we are talking about suits, or in any case of garments made with the same fabric, created, therefore, to be worn together, our advice is to never look for the almost identical color, (except for a small detail in a accessory), but always to break. You can look for a tone-on-tone combination, for example a light blue with a denim blue, or completely change the color without breaking the harmony.


Neutral colors and bold colors:

To simplify, we can divide the colors into two macro categories, neutral like blue, gray, beige, white and bold like green, red, pink.


The classic

Combining neutral with neutral is always a good idea, perfect for any occasion, respecting, however, the rule of breaking, for example gray and beige, white and blue yes, but no black and navy blue because they are too similar.


The serious but not too much


Deciding with neutral is a good compromise, we wear a bright color that distinguishes us, but we make it "serious" by combining it with a classic color, for example: light gray and teal, pink and blue, light blue and beige.


The gamble

Deciso con desciso is certainly the most difficult combination, especially for us men, because you risk going further and seem too extravagant, but at the same time it is the most fun to create, the one that, when it succeeds, allows you to differentiate yourself with style. Better in the summer or on vacation, where we don't need to look too serious. In this case, the important thing is to break but maintain harmony between the colors.

The last, but most important rule:

Color matching is a matter of style, the only rule is that there are no rules. You have to experiment to find your personal signature, in the end it is a game.

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